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Trinidad & Tobago native THE JILLIONAIRE fuses the Caribbean sounds of Soca and Reggae with influences of various music genres from around the world.
JILLIONAIRE’s brand grows in demand both in collaboration and in his own right. Alongside Diplo and Walshy Fire he is an integral member of Major Lazer, As a solo act he’s had multiple tour runs throughout Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.

Zohra Opoku is a German/Ghanaian multidisciplinary artist living and working in Accra.
With a keen and disciplined eye for textile and design, Opoku employees installation, sculpture, and photography at the helm of her practice. She conceptualizes West African traditions, spirituality, the thread of family lineage as they relate to self authorship and the politics of her hybrid identity. A globalized social consumption and the commodification of all things African are a driving force in what she sees as the nemesis of her thesis, and the relevance of cultural credentials within this state of being.

Kent Andreasen is a South-African photographer and cinematographer, who's known for his minimalistic style and his exceptional sense for colours. Kent’s art is an intersection of observation, structure and surreality. His works have been featured in various print and online publications.

Blinky Bill, also known as member of Just a band, is a kenyan artist, producer and DJ based in Nairobi. He has performed in many shows around the world such as Summer Stage in Central Park, Paleo Festival In Switzerland and was most recently a participant at the Red Bull Music Academy in Tokyo in 2014 and is also a TED Fellow. His DJ sets are eclectic, ranging from electronic music to tribal African beats to hip hop.

Blazing the trail in House Music and Electronic Music mixed with traditional beats, Accra’s most fashionable DJ Steloo is on a mission to rewrite the african story on music, fashion and daring to be distinct with a vibe. He is the brain behind the Accra House Music organisation that promotes House Music and Electronic Music in Ghana.

Spoek Mathambo is the stage name of South African musician (Singer-Rapper-Producer-DJ), Nthato Mokgata. At the vanguard of a new wave of African artists, Spoek is hitting the world hard. It is clearly African music, but like none that has ever been heard or made before.

Jelsen Lee Innocent (b. 1983) is an American conceptual artist who’s studio practice investigates the perception of intimacy and familiarity. His work seeks to activate both comfort and self-question through a range of mediums such as ceramic tile, photography, neon light, film, printed matter, original textiles and typography. Jelsen is a middle child born to Haitian parents in Brooklyn, NY.

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